¿Who Are We?

We are a Mexican company that makes scrapes

Our microenterprise came up based on many ideas, the first was to sell handmade soaps with different functions, but we did not see it as viable since we had never made soaps and unless they had somewhat unusual components to perform the function we wanted. We also think about selling desserts, but this is a bit complicated to do and dedicate a lot of time, which we do not count on because we have more activities to do at school. Another of our ideas was to make ice, but for reasons of space in our refrigerators was unsuccessful, that's how we started to discard ideas and find easier and faster alternatives, this led us to sell scraped, if the most common, but with something different, we decided to prepare flavors that are not in our city and also with some seasonal fruits, such as Chinese pomegranate and plum, something else we added were combinations and toppings (sweets, panditas, mango enchilado, tamariko). For a moment we thought that it would not be sold to us, but it was just the opposite, since in the time that we had to sell to a lot of heat and still doing, then people look for cold and delicious things, and what better than a shave.